Hello!  We are Erica and Shannon, long-time friends and now nearby neighbors who have decided to start a blog about our journey in fixing up our old homes with all things old and new.  We grew up in the same nearby town and met through a mutual friend way back when we were in high school.  Coincidentally, we both pursued careers in education and currently work in the same school district that we grew up in as a teacher and guidance counselor respectively.  To continue with our commonalities, we both have always enjoyed antiques and old stuff.  With this interest in mind, it is not surprising that we both ended up purchasing almost 100 year old homes in the same small village that is filled with the most beautiful old homes that are loaded with character.  We love love love hitting up local shops and exploring tag/garage/estate sales together!  We also enjoy a good creative project from time to time or one of our other hobbies/interests.  With so much in common and a burning desire to share our interests with the world, we have decided to join forces and ta da, a BLOG!  Welcome, stay as long as you like and enjoy!  


Welcome! I'm Erica Bohrer.  I am a first grade teacher and a teacher-author-blogger {Erica's Ed-Ventures}.   I am addicted to social media, so starting a home blog seemed like the most natural thing to do.   I am a single homeowner and dog and cat mom.  If I did not have to work full-time, I would probably start my own animal rescue group.  I am often fostering puppies and kittens.  My house currently is rug-free because of the pets!   My 16 year old chihuahua had a thing for rugs.  He has since passed on, but I am still hesitant to rush out and buy rugs.  

I moved into my current home in May 2015.  I really lucked out in that the previous owners took great care of the house and that the updates they did stayed with the character of the home.   My home is in a small town with these beautiful cascading lakes that are a few houses away from me.  I love walking my own dog, Sophie, around and admiring the architecture.  I hope to take some photos and share them on our Instagram account.

I have always loved houses with character.  My first home was built in 1922 and my current home was built in 1927.   I moved from a tiny railroad style house to a center hall colonial. My new home is pretty much a blank slate!   I am excited about sharing my decor adventures with you on this blog!


Welcome!  I’m Shannon Heaney.  School counselor by day and a very lucky wife and mom of two who has a love of many things, but specifically home décor and old stuff!  I came upon this interest way back when I was shopping for my first apartment and just couldn’t seem to find much that appealed to me.  Then I discovered antique and thrift shops…and let the obsession begin!  I now own an almost 100 year-old home, aka my beautiful disaster, which my husband and I have been renovating since 2009 and have enjoyed filling it with all of my treasures, old, new and refurbished. 

I think my interest for old stuff (not excluding other people’s garbage) was passed down to me from my grandfather.  To most, his home was filled with a bunch of junk, but to me it was a giant treasure chest!  I was also fortunate enough to inherit his interest in gardening, specifically square-foot gardening.  Watching seeds and plants grow into food is quite fascinating to me!

I would definitely say I have more ideas than I do time.  My interests also include DIY, cooking, bargain hunting and being on an ultimate quest for life organization.  Ask any of my friends and family and they would say I am definitely type A.  To me, I am simply passionate about life and anything that strikes my fancy. 

When my long-time friend Erica approached me about starting this blog, I had butterflies in my stomach thinking about all the possibilities of this new endeavor.  I hope you find enjoyment reading this blog, my newest labor of love. 


  1. Shannon, you ladies are an inspiration and your homes are so lovely. I never could understand people hiring decorators....I love what you are doing and you are taking recycling to great heights and making a home your own.

  2. Thank you for such a kind sentiment! We love being creative in decorating our homes and if we can repurpose something super-old in the process, even better! Happy decorating!

  3. Hi Shannon! Wonderful homes. I was lucky to see the "before" when you first bought your house. Wow, really beautiful! Please come & visit/stay with us if you get in the Philly area.
    Janet (Cirone) Elliott

  4. Thanks Janet! Yes, you were one of the lucky few who got to see how far we have come! It's been quite a journey, but a FUN one!

  5. I would love to meet you both! I just purchased a 1910 colonial in Brightwaters and am looking to fix it up. I look forward to reading your blog for inspiration.

    1. Ah, that is so awesome, Mary! We hope to see you at the Brightwaters, sale this spring. Make sure to follow us on social media for updates and events.