A Fresh Start To 2017

Sunday, January 1, 2017

There is nothing like a new year!  The slate is wiped clean and all of the projects that you ever wanted to accomplish, personally, professionally or in my case, around the house, all of a sudden seem possible again!  Even though I always have my house on my mind and am on a endless search for new, cool ideas, designs, and decor, I must also admit that I can be a big procrastinator.  This is certainly one resolution that I have made previously that did not get resolved!  

With resolutions in mind, I do actually write down my resolutions each year.  I look back at them from time to time, and I strongly feel that by writing them down, things have a better chance of getting accomplished.  I stumbled across a super-cute printable by Live Laugh Rowe a couple years back that I have been using to record all that I would like to see happen for myself in the upcoming year which you can find [here]. 

Printable By Live Laugh Rowe

Of course every year I always look to be healthier, spend more quality time with my family and those sort of givens, but when it comes to my home, my one biggest hope for 2017 is to SIMPLIFY.  I have been reading a lot lately about how to get more out of life with less and I am captivated by the idea.  [Here] is a great post from blog, Clean and Scentsible about how to keep clutter away.  I do feel like all of the stuff I have is weighing me down and taking up precious life time (and the fact that I am somewhat of a hoarder is certainly part of the problem).  So my hope is to purge, organize, buy more with purpose, while still enjoying all the things I love. 

Speaking of love, I am currently swooning over the South Seas Side Cart from Serena and Lily that was posted on Instagram by @nestingwithgrace so much that I might just have to splurge!  If you become a member of Serena and Lily's email list, they send you a 15% promo code in case you are interested.  Would this be breaking my resolution already?  

  Serena and Lily South Seas Side Cart/Photo Credit: @nestingwithgrace

So as I go back to filling in my new planner for 2017 as shown in the top pic, I feel excited and hopeful for all the good things to come.  To all of our Old House Charm readers out there, enjoy this fresh start and may the new year bring you every opportunity to check something off of your list (I so do love lists).


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