Have Fun Planting Succulents

Friday, April 29, 2016

I have always had a thing for succulents.  They are relatively inexpensive, easy to care for, and are oh so pretty!  I love they way they add a natural touch to any living space.  They also make great teacher gifts!  See HERE, HERE, and HERE for some of my previous teacher gift inspiration.  They were certainly a hit!

To my excitement, while I was shopping for paint at my nearby Lowes, I discovered a much larger succulent stock this year.  I immediately posted a picture of Instagram!  If you do not follow us, you can check us out by clicking HERE.  Below is the very pic I posted.

When I returned home, I was inspired, and got right to work on finding succulent containers around the house and envisioning where I could use some natural beauty in my home.  I hopped on Pinterest to look at styling ideas.  Here are some of my favorites:

Photo Credit:  TSG Daily

Photo Credit:  Style Me Pretty

I also looked for arrangement ideas.  My favorite Pins came from a blog called Waiting on Martha.  Look at these beauties!

Photo Credit:  Waiting on Martha

            Photo Credit:  Waiting on Martha                                           Photo Credit:  Waiting on Martha

Lastly, I researched tips on how to successfully plant and care for succulents.  My favorite was Succulents and Sunshine.  This website is AWESOME!  I then returned to Lowes when I had sufficient time to look and plan and ended up with my cute little succulent selection below.

My researching taught me that succulents thrive in well-drained soil, that similar to a cactus.  Lowes carries the below potting mix at $4.99 which seemed like the perfect mix to purchase.

Planting the succulents in the various containers was a fun and easy activity.  My daughter also joined in and picked out a plant for her to keep.  See below for the end result of my creative botanical experiment!  I even included a picture of my daughter's plant which now resides in her room and we lovingly named "Cutie."

I would certainly call my succulent activity a success, so much that I am thinking about creating some arrangements for Mother's Day gifts.  It's back to Lowes I go!  

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