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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Now that my living room is finally complete, I am now feeling that my dining room (which is connected) needs a complete overhaul!  When we first moved into the house, every carpet was removed and all of the floors were stained.  We painted the dining room to match the not-so-bad wallpaper that was there.  Pressed for time and money, we made do with the existing chandelier, as well as my old dining room furniture from my first apartment.  With that said, it is time for change and I am rearing to go!  One thing you probably don't know about me is that I LOVE lists!  The more lists I have, the better.  I even have lists for my lists!  Therefore, I felt it would be most appropriate to provide you with a list to outline what I would like to accomplish in my dining room.

1.  Remove wallpaper and chair rail molding

2.  Fix one piece of molding that does not match the rest of the room, hang new coat closet door

3.  Prep walls for painting

4.  Paint entire room

5.  Replace chandelier with a oversized lantern-style chandelier (Got this!)

6.  Purchase new dining room table and chairs (sell old set)

7.  Paint china cabinet gray or find an even bigger and better old china cabinet and paint it gray

8.  Purchase a new area rug

9.  Decorate with really cool stuff

Below is a more recent picture of my dining room.  Not so bad, but certainly not the amazing dream dining room I am yearning for.

Of course I also must remind everyone how far we have come.  The following picture was taken when we first moved into our home.  It's a good thing that I didn't realize how much work was in store for us and I should also add that the dining room was probably the room which required the least amount of work!  Yikes!

So what would I like my dining room to look like when we are finished?  I am aiming for a light casual farmhousy feel that ties in with the rest of my home.  I have provided some pictures that I have pinned on Pinterest that I love so you can see where I am headed.

Thanks to the following sources for some inspiration!

1. providenceltddesign.com

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  1. Lists make life possible! I fully agree with you! :-)

    And your list will make everything happen.

    Before and After photos are great too! It is wonderful, to be able to look back, and see where a project began. And take pics along the way too, as you have done. To see the progress of the project.

    Have fun with your dining room "do"!

    Gentle hugs,