What's next at Shannon's house?

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Now that my living room is finally complete, I am now feeling that my dining room (which is connected) needs a complete overhaul!  When we first moved into the house, every carpet was removed and all of the floors were stained.  We painted the dining room to match the not-so-bad wallpaper that was there.  Pressed for time and money, we made do with the existing chandelier, as well as my old dining room furniture from my first apartment.  With that said, it is time for change and I am rearing to go!  One thing you probably don't know about me is that I LOVE lists!  The more lists I have, the better.  I even have lists for my lists!  Therefore, I felt it would be most appropriate to provide you with a list to outline what I would like to accomplish in my dining room.

1.  Remove wallpaper and chair rail molding

2.  Fix one piece of molding that does not match the rest of the room, hang new coat closet door

3.  Prep walls for painting

4.  Paint entire room

5.  Replace chandelier with a oversized lantern-style chandelier (Got this!)

6.  Purchase new dining room table and chairs (sell old set)

7.  Paint china cabinet gray or find an even bigger and better old china cabinet and paint it gray

8.  Purchase a new area rug

9.  Decorate with really cool stuff

Below is a more recent picture of my dining room.  Not so bad, but certainly not the amazing dream dining room I am yearning for.

Of course I also must remind everyone how far we have come.  The following picture was taken when we first moved into our home.  It's a good thing that I didn't realize how much work was in store for us and I should also add that the dining room was probably the room which required the least amount of work!  Yikes!

So what would I like my dining room to look like when we are finished?  I am aiming for a light casual farmhousy feel that ties in with the rest of my home.  I have provided some pictures that I have pinned on Pinterest that I love so you can see where I am headed.

Thanks to the following sources for some inspiration!

1. providenceltddesign.com

Shannon's House Highlights

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hey there!  Although I first moved into my "beautiful disaster" in August of 2009 and have completed many projects, my home is certainly still a work in progress.  I have taken countless pictures along the way which I will share with you in the future.  Here are some recent photos which turned out great thanks to Creative Heart Arts!   

This is by far my favorite chair in the house!  It is a hand-me-down from my father-in-law who works at a nearby golf club.  It is so worn and tattered, but I love it!  The carpet is Dash and Albert, table Country Willow, basket Pottery Barn, framed print by a friend at The Salt & Sea and the lamp was 50 cents at a garage sale down the street.

My living room was recently renovated and I'm very happy with the way it turned out!  I love how any color I add to the room pops out because of all of the neutrals.  The couch and chairs are from Ballard Designs, rug from West Elm, pillows from HomeGoods, and I made the curtains myself thanks to Miss Mustard Seed for the inspiration!  

This piano belonged to the previous homeowners who we purchased the house from.  Coming from a musical family, we thought it would be cool to have a piano, so we asked for it to be thrown in during negotiations.  Success!

Our kitchen was one of the first rooms renovated due to the poor condition of the original kitchen.  We were kitchenless for approximately 6 months!  Adorned on the cutting board is some fresh vegetables harvested from my garden.  Did I mention I love to garden?  

This is my daughter's room which might be my favorite space in the entire house!  Almost everything was free, thrifted, and refurbished.  Every time I am in there I think of how lucky my daughter is to have such a cool room!  The bedding is Pottery Barn Teen, wall color is Benjamin Moore Nottingham Green, and the dresser (which I hauled into my trunk from someone's garbage on my lunch break) was painted in Benjamin Moore Soft Mint with the guidance of Centsational Girl

And then there's my garden.  A Square Foot Garden to be specific.  It makes me very happy to grow things that I can eat and it reminds me of my grandfather.  I'll leave it at that!

Erica's House Highlights

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Welcome to my home!  I moved into my charming center hall colonial in May of 2015.  Here are a few shots from the photoshoot I did with Creative Heart Arts over the summer!  

This is the front of my house.  I have since changed out the lanterns for a more traditional style. Next up, painting my front door!

My work in progress living room!   I had the floors all done before I moved into the house and had all of the walls painted.  The floors are a stain called Antique Brown.  The huge vintage window on the wall was found through a facebook group in my area called Suffolk County Thrift.  The antique cabinet was found at an antique/thrift store.   The sofa is a hand-me down from my mother, she originally purchased it from Zimmerman's.   Next up for this room, shutters for the sides of the window, a boxwood wreath, grain sack pillows, a rug, and arm chairs.  

This is my center hall staircase.  When you walk in the door it is the first thing you see.  I love how the antique brown stain looks on the steps.  I am sitting on the steps with my Havanese, Sophie.

This is my Montego dining room table by Pottery Barn.  The milk glass pitcher was my grandmother's. 

Another shot of my dining room with Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal paint.  The table is by Pottery Barn and the lighting by Murray Feiss.  The vintage window was picked up at an antique fair.  I recently switched the window to a narrower wall upstairs and replaced it with a large vintage mirror.  I plan on purchasing a larger table to fill the room and moving the chandelier to my bedroom.  When you move to a new house, your old furniture does not always fit right.  

Another view of the dining room.  The dresser in the corner is from an antique store, I just removed the mirror so that it would look more like a buffet.  The antique pitcher was a mistake, in that it had a slow tiny leak!  There is now a permanent water mark on the "buffet"...oops!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a peek at my house!  I promise to be back soon with some before and after shots.

Welcome to Old House Charm!

Friday, January 22, 2016

photo credit: Creative Heart Arts

Hello!  We are Erica and Shannon, long-time friends and now nearby neighbors who have decided to start a blog about our journey in fixing up our old homes with all things old and new.  We grew up in the same nearby town and met through a mutual friend way back when we were in high school.  Coincidentally, we both pursued careers in education and currently work in the same school district that we grew up in as a teacher and guidance counselor respectively.  To continue with our commonalities, we both have always enjoyed antiques and old stuff.  With this interest in mind, it is not surprising that we both ended up purchasing almost 100 year old homes in the same small village that is filled with the most beautiful old homes that are loaded with character.  We love love love hitting up local shops and exploring tag/garage/estate sales together!  We also enjoy a good creative project from time to time or one of our other hobbies/interests.  With so much in common and a burning desire to share our interests with the world, we have decided to join forces and ta da, a BLOG!  Welcome, stay as long as you like and enjoy! 

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